Plenty of Joy Rides to Go Around

Creating a customize automotive portrait consits of your car and background setting of you choice. We look forward to creating you a JOY RIDE. 

Automotive Portraits

The Throttle Drive In takes first place in the mixed media category.

I once had someone call me who wanted a custom automotive portrait created. When I asked him how he got my info, he said "I got one of your art prints as birthday gift and in the back of the pakaging, it had your contact information." This person described exactly what he wanted. I sent him an estimate for the job and he quickly signed and sent it back to me with a nice deposit check. He emailed me photos of his four cars and photos of a diner call Angelo's. I worked up a couple composite sketches for him to review and select the one to go to finish. When the job was complete, I called him to let him that it was finished. He drove all the way from Apple Valley California to Whittier, CA. He was completly delighted at what he got.