José's initial graphic design project was a textbook cover commissioned by Bell Gardens High School Social Studies teacher, Wally Wasinack.  Jose was also fortunate to catch the attention of Jewel Lasseter, art teacher and mother of Academy Award winning animator, John Lasseter.  Mrs. Lasseter saw Jose’s potential and urged him to pursue formal training.  In fact, she championed his art efforts through high school. He pursued bachelor and master’s degrees in illustration and design from Cal State Fullerton. After spending the first 20 years of his career working in the private and public sectors, Jose opted to strike out on his own as a freelancer.  


In 2004, Wasinack co-authored “Lost in the Sun –   Roy Gleason’s Odyssey from the Outfield to the Battlefield”, a narrative that detailed the journey of this former Dodger.  Once again, he turned to Jose to create a cover that would capture the reader’s attention.  The finished product was submited in the 2005 International competition. It received a Silver Award in the illustration/editorial book category.


Since then, Jose’s work has flourished through more book projects and special commissions. His joy of drawing and creating illustrations that share meaningful stories continues to burn brightly. And he’d love the opportunity to work with you. 


This was Jose's first book cover in 1974. He was a junior in high school and  was hired by his Social Studies teacher. The lettering done by hand. No Photoshop back then.

Thirty years later, Jose's Social Studies teacher came calling again. This time he had just a little bit more experience.




From left to right: Wally Waslnack author of "Lost In The Sun", Roy Gleason subject of the book, José Rodriguez illustrator of the cover art, and Mark Langill Dodger Team Historian.

This is José's first book cover from 1974. He was 17 years of age..

This was his award winning entry in the 2005 international competition.

In 1974, Mr. Wally Wasinack, José's Junior year social studies teacher came into his art class and presented him an offer shouldn't refuse.

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